Account suspention

our online store seems to be suspended for more than 46 hours now and whenever i try to access from any platform it leads me to a suspention message, here’s our web page : , i tried everything and cannot find a solution, i need the web page to be up and running very soon.
this is our email : [email protected]
thank you.
warmly, Sara.

Check in your client area for suspension reason.


Is your infinityfree site account banned or does the site just redirect you to something like:
suspendeddomain org etc.??

the account is not banned, however whenever i try to access the page it leads me to a suspention message

Well, then share the reason for suspension.

That “Account Suspended” page is the cPanel suspension page. It’s not part of our hosting.

Did you upgrade this domain to iFastNet’s premium hosting? If so, please ask them for further assistance, because your domain is hosted with them, not with us.


Could be errors in your .htaccess, could be domain nameservers not setup right, could be hosting volume isnt set and this happened to me before, remove your domain and add it back again. And please provide the website URL so we can also see if it’s your end, isp cache or computer cache etc.

EDIT: just realized thanks to greenreader, your url works fine and isnt suspended on my end. didnt realize you linked your site. But yeah it’s working fine!

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