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I have uploaded to my website file generator.php, which was generated special keys with help of md5, random and other mathematical features. Is it prohibited and what exactly is prohibited: md5, random?

If it’s just a generator for random hashes using mp5 and other algorithms, doesn’t look like being non compliant with the ToS.

Why do you say your account was suspended?
Is there anything in your client area stating that your account was suspended?

I can load your website without issues.


Yes, its a simple random hashes generator. People from support have sent me this message
The following files uploaded are not allowed on a free hosting plan and have been removed:


We would love to host this kind of content on our premium servers please consider upgrading to iFastNet premium where that is allowed and there are 100s of benefits!
So i want to know, what is prohibited, because i will make some security updates in feature using md5 and some security features from php.

You have to wait for the admin to have a definitive answer, but it looks to me that it was probably the file name ( generator.php ) that automatically raised the flags.

I think the same, but i will also wait for Admin

Yup, there must be some sort of problem or code in there that got identified and got revoked. @Admin

@Casmat, please don’t ping the Admin, he will come across this topic when he visits.

Just trying to help the person ASAP

Based on your description it seems that this could be a false positive. A “generator for special keys” seems like it could be identified as fake credit card information, license keys or other scammy stuff we don’t want.

If that’s not the case, please say so in the ticket.


Your site seems to be working fine now, but what exactly are the “special keys” for?

The Admin has pings disabled so they wouldn’t he notified anyways. That’s because it really wouldn’t be fair if they were, and it would be rather annoying for them.


This is correct. Almost any time when people @ me they do it because they think their issue demands my immediate and personal attention. Regardless of whether it’s that urgent or whether I’m really the only one who can help.


Oh! I forgot that pings were disabled!!

It’s a choice, they are on by default (so if I ping you with @Casmat you will be notified), but you have the choice to turn them off, like Admin has.

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