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domain is
i want infinityfree to check my account if infinityfree had make any mistake by suspended my account. This is ridiculous, why my account get suspend i never reach the maximum daily hits which is 50000. The last night I check it was only 6%.which is around only 3000 something and the most important thing is my website is still under development and it not been publish for general view. Less than 10 person know about my website which is why I am so triggered why my account get suspeded admin please solve this immediately

If you don’t want google to index your site, then look up how to unindex your site from google until you’re done with development, or change the permissions in the file manager to prevent the public from reading, executing and writing (but then you’ll be locked out of it. So get a copy of it to your drive and work on it there. If you need a server, look up simple python http server, you’ll need python though.)
I think that someone is spamming your site by having devices visit your site, causing a spike in hits.


Did you face any suspension problem like this before?
How many daily visitor you have? Because I start to think that maybe the limit is not actually 50000 request but just few thousand. I know visitor and request is two different things

I only have less than 5 people who are aware of mine. Daily request are probably less than 100. Did you check your daily hits again?

Last time I check its only 3000 something but now its showing 0 because i’ve been suspend

ask them why you were suspended.


No, you didn’t. Because you did not reach the hits limit, but the CPU usage limit. If you check the Deactivation History of your account in the client area, you’ll see that. And if you click the limit, you’ll be sent to a knowledge base article explaining exactly what that limit means.


it says here it is closely related. How does it related?

is there any way we can monitor/observe it

Yes, entry processes and the CPU limit are somewhat related, because they can both be fixed by making your scripts faster or reducing traffic. They are still unrelated to the hits limit you were talking about.

You can view your usage of almost all limits usage through the Account Statistics section in the control panel. These statistics are not very detailed, but they rarely are. While premium hosting includes more detailed statistics, if you expect it to tell you which setting of which plugin you should change, you’ll be disappointed.


Your site is back up again.

Not nescessarily, from my family. Also, i do not speak it, but have seen a bit a writing in malay, so i could make a guess.

how did your family knows malay lang?

what race they are? because Malaysia have so many races


look up what language is zh

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Admin could you explain why is my account suspended on 21 Dec ago? because the graph shows here it does not reach the CPU limit yet

That has to do with a slight difference in the way the graphs are plotted and the way the suspensions are calculated. The resource usage for suspensions is tracked by having an increasing counter. The graphs are calculated based on averaged sampling. So if you have a very brief but very intense spike, the graphs don’t record these reliably.

I also don’t like the way it works this way, but it is what it is.


how does this increasing counter work?