Account suspensed

I am writing to you because I am having a very big problem. Today I uploaded ddos ​​script files that were not allowed, so they suspended my account, I already sent tickets but the answers are all the same and they don’t help me with my problem. There is a way to reactivate the account (if that were the case I would immediately delete those not allowed scripts), I did not know neanhce that those scripts were not allowed, I had loaded them only for a test on myself. I’m not going to lose all my php, html and css files which have cost me so much time to get them. Please help me…:persevere:

We prohibit hacking scripts on our service because they are almost always used to cause harm to other people’s websites. And DDoS attacks are the worst kind of hacking tools. If you purposely uploaded such scripts to our hosting, we don’t want to host your websites anymore. So like staff already told you: reactivation is not possible.


actually I had loaded those scripts not to use them but to save and download them from another device (and then I would have immediately deleted them), I was in fact preparing a tutorial for demonstration and educational purposes only on how to create a hacking tool, I didn’t want to do any damage

It’s even worse, because this hosting IS NOT for storing files other than website stuff purpose.


in a certain sense it is for the purpose of the site, since I was writing an article that concerned the development of a ddos ​​tool

A website promoting DDoS attacks is also not something we want to be associated with.


it was only for demonstration and educational purposes, plus I didn’t know it couldn’t be done, so all this doesn’t seem right … there are people who study these things …

You could create a local dev server (use Apache or WAMP), then use that as your demo.


Even if it was for only “educational purposes” someone who finds it could very well take your tutorial seriously and actually follow it. That being said, you still heavily broke the rules, and not knowing that something was against the rules is not a valid excuse, as you should’ve read them and before even signing up.


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