Account suspended

InfinityFree does this and the “Greenreader9” (What a Name) Moderator claims that “they” can’t do anything about it.

I wonder why this is signed by Infinityfree then? Imposter?

Anyway, it took the Geniuses 4 Days to move and by that time I found another Hosting Service, changed my DNS and all in all that took 1 hour.

Since this experience was a PR disaster for me (my site got redirected to a Suspended Info Page implying I would have done Illegal things such as Child Porn or worse), I am going to slam down Infinityfree for this.

Now I do understand mishaps, but the total absence of Support and the sheer Arrogance of this Moderator warrants a slap down.

Happy deleting of the TRUTH, dear Moderator, you can find my Comments elsewhere on the Net where pity people such as you have no place.