Account suspended

At 5:55 am Pacific Time, I received an eMail, that my Account was suspended. Rather cryptic and zero actionable Item.

I inquired what the problem might be and was informed, that some anti fraud systems was the culprit.

That got fixed around 8:00 am Pacific time.

At 8:42, I got another message that the Account got suspended for the same reason.

I responded to the initial Ticket, stating that the Problem reoccurred and it should get fixed.

It is now past 1:10 pm and the Account is still suspended with no ETA nor any other meaningful response.

I have no idea if that “anti fraud” thing got new functionality, but I haven’t changed my Site in quite a while and there is nothing to my knowledge (an I never got any information to the contrary) that would cause the suspension.

Given the time from 5:55 am to now about 1:15 pm, I think that is stretching my patience. Especially on a Weekend and who knows how many other accounts might be effected.

7 Hours account suspension with no ETA nor actionable item is not in the acceptable range.


Note that the support team works out of the UK, and probably has weekends off. It’s possible that the security system was updated recently, causing something on your site to get flagged. Try asking the team why the account got suspended, or if there is a specific file causing the system to trigger.


Well, they wrote it was their fault and I have worked globally and don’t care about time zones. So, I was given no actionable item (as I wrote), no information (technically or content or otherwise) was provided to me that could enable me to take any measures.

And as I wrote, nothing has substantially changed on the site recently, that could trigger some automated process.

Oh and doing changes on a weekend, when support has off is truly a very wise idea.

If a Customer of mine sees this, it is a PR disaster .

Glad that no one cares.

Not sure, if I have to check all the search Engines that Index the site and probably Index the redirect.

Thanks for nothing, but work on my end.

It has now been 12 hours. NOTHING.

20 hours, nothing happened. Support ticket says Pending.

That’s how you upset People :rage:

That “Message” is completely useless. Take a Dice and Roll it and take your pick, maybe you are lucky, but I already got a Message that it was INFINITY’s fault.
Just not able to fix it.

3 Days down and no meaningful feedback nor resolution.

Congrats to 100% Downtime.

The utter lack of ANY response leaves me (nearly) speechless.
Unless of course the Goal is to drive the reputation into the Gutter.

Sine absolutely no one cares or has any interest in resolving the Issue (whatever the issue is, no body said), I hereby request a Backup of my Site and SQL Database.

Kindly let me know the time frame for getting this done.

Martin Brieger

We cannot provide you a backup here. Ask in the support ticket.

In any case, it is your responsibility to always have a backup, not ours to give one to you (This goes with every hosting provider, not just IF/iFN).

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Then maybe You (Company) should suggest requesting a Backup.
Further, as I said multiple times, there is no response of any kind on the Support Ticket.

Also, I do have my Site and reasonably current Database Backup, HOWEVER, requesting the same is part of this Message

So, maybe you revisit your Knowledge or let someone else respond on your behalf, cause as you might be able to tell, I am ticked off enough already.

If INDEED ANYONE would have the courtesy to WORK for a change AND address issues, than I wouldn’t have the need to request the Backup in the first place.

So PLEASE focus on moderating and not getting into areas that are not in your area of expertise or ability to resolve.

Thank you

Why would I request a backup for you? It’s your account, not mine

If you only want people that can ‘fix’ this to respond, I might as well just close this topic. There is not a single active person on this form that can help you. Not a single one. Don’t take your anger out on the people here, I will not hesitate to ban you from the forum. We did not cause this problem, and we cannot help you fix it outside of what has already been said (Contact support via the ticket).


As you can tell, I am packing up.

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InfinityFree does this and the “Greenreader9” (What a Name) Moderator claims that “they” can’t do anything about it.

I wonder why this is signed by Infinityfree then? Imposter?

Anyway, it took the Geniuses 4 Days to move and by that time I found another Hosting Service, changed my DNS and all in all that took 1 hour.

Since this experience was a PR disaster for me (my site got redirected to a Suspended Info Page implying I would have done Illegal things such as Child Porn or worse), I am going to slam down Infinityfree for this.

Now I do understand mishaps, but the total absence of Support and the sheer Arrogance of this Moderator warrants a slap down.

Happy deleting of the TRUTH, dear Moderator, you can find my Comments elsewhere on the Net where pity people such as you have no place.

Blame me if you want to, but I had absolutely nothing to do with this. I don’t even have access to your hosting accounts, you can verify this with any established member here.

The support team does respond, sometimes it takes awhile, sometimes it seems like they don’t, but they do. It’s a free service, so there is not a huge support team, and sometimes there are a huge amount of tickets. Be patient.

Also, one more rude comment and there will be a punishment.

Lastly, don’t hijack other people’s topics, you already have your own.


Completely NOT getting the Point here.

a) What triggered the suspension in the first place. That is called a root cause analysis. I have no clue and thus no ability to take any measures and subsequently no one else has.
b) If my account was re-enabled, why was it disabled again after an hour? Again, something (THE BIG MEAN UNKNOWN) has triggered that.
c) If thinks are already smelling 10 Miles against the Wind (Support knew something was not right), due diligence would command to double the efforts to stay aread of the curve, but NO WAY JOSEY
d) If the stinky stuff hits the ventilator, make at least sure that whatever is done isn’t accusing the Site owner of illegal activity. Here a PR disaster was created and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAS ANY BALLS TO SEE THE MISTAKE, APOLOGIZE and MAKING SURE IT DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN. Let’s just slam down the stupid customer for using a free service. Heck, if a customer is that stupid: his own fault.

BUT, past responses have already made it clear that there is no sense of fault nor acknowledgement of consequences. Just “tough luck, stupid customer” attitude.

And it is precisely that attitude I can not accept.

Oh and why didn’t you accuse the “other” customer of high-jacking? Apparently this issues (in whatever flavor) isn’t isolated.

We purposely don’t tell you that. If your goal is to abuse the system, that would make it really easy to circumvent the checks.

The automated system is a bit finicky, and scans both randomly and edited files (at least to my experience, I don’t have source access)

You are not publicly accused of anything. The only thing visitors see it “Suspended Website”. This is what every hosting provider does, it’s not exclusive here.

On that note, what do you think should be done instead? Obviously, we can’t show your website (it is suspended after all).

I’m not going to do that if I don’t know what caused it. I only have one side of the story, yours. I don’t know the true reason, I don’t know the thoughts of the ticket team, and I have no evidence. I can only tell you what to do (contact support).

I do. Just search “don’t hijack other people topics” and set the poster to my username. I very much do tell other users this.


“We purposely don’t tell you”, YET we point you to the Dash where you can NOT find out what the issue is (but we told you to go there in order to find that out).

I would seriously suggest you stop writing here cause you don’t know your own Policy. That’s another example of deliberate misinformation and utter disrespect for the customer.

This is a complete Joke. You get directed somewhere (such as the Forum) for assistance, yet there is no one in sight who can assist.

So, in order to “learn why … account was suspended …” I submitted a Ticket.
Do I get an answer? NO WAY.

Total incompetence.

You got directed to the support ticket, not the community forum for a reason. The support ticket staff can help you, we cannot.


According to your description I suspect 3 cases:

  1. While you are waiting for a reply, the staffs are also waiting for your reply. Sometimes the client area have trouble syncing the tickets over, effectively making you waiting for technically nothing.
    In this case, check the email inbox besides replying. The staff reply, if exists, should also arrive there. Make sure to check spam.

  2. Your ticket got ignored due to an overwhelmingly huge amount of tickets coming in.

  3. Your ticket got purposely ignored due to severe abuse.

In whatever case, reply to the ticket. Ignore that big “replying now will move your ticket to the last of queue” thing. It’s scary if your ticket is in front of the queue, but it’s mercy if your ticket is already out of the queue.

Keep replying every 2 days if there’re no replies. If the replies got ignored everytime, then you’ll know that case 3 applies. If, you do recieve a reply, then either case 1 or 2 applies, since the staffs are still willing to answer.


So a bit of clarity on how things work.

First of all, moderators are just volunteers who help keep the forum clean. They are not staff members of InfinityFree, and cannot really tell you anything about individual accounts, their status, or any suspension if applicable.

You are getting your free hosting from InfinityFree, so all communication you get from us will be InfinityFree branded. However, the actual hosting platform is built and maintained by a different company, iFastNet.

The suspension was triggered by an automated check setup by iFastNet. If you submit a ticket to have your account reviewed, that ticket will also be reviewed by iFastNet staff. After all, they trigger most suspensions, and have good staff availability to support their premium customers.

As far as I can tell from the limited information I have regarding the suspension, both suspensions were probably triggered by the same code on your site, and in both cases it was probably a false positive. Usually false positives are quickly reactivated, but with real abuse, iFastNet sometimes chooses to “shadow ban” your request and not reply at all. After all, telling someone who purposely abused our services how we found their site could help them avoid detection on the next try.

I suspect that your request also got “shadow banned”, even though your suspension seems to be a false positive.

I will check with iFastNet what happened here that triggered the suspension and why you didn’t get a reply.

Regarding the inconsistent messaging in the emails, please understand that the email notifications for suspensions and reactivations are based on standard templates that don’t always distinguish between types of suspension. So it will always say “check the client area for more information”, but it depends on the type of suspension how much information is actually given in the client area. But for these kinds of content suspensions, the details shown in the client area are purposely left vague.


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