Account suspended?

I have a family of news aggregator websites, each using their own subdomain under a single domain, and I got the error:

“Daily Entry Process limit exceeded”
"Your account was suspended because your account has exceeded the daily entry process limit. We track the number of entry processes created for your account, and your account has created more entry processes than we can allow in a day. Every time a request to a PHP script is made in your account, a process is created to handle it. So if your website gets a lot of visitors or every page view loads many different PHP scripts, your account will create a lot of entry processes.

Please optimize your website to reduce your resource usage. If that’s not possible, please upgrade your account."

I thought this was unlimited free hosting, especially because nowhere does it say it limits scripts. Can be website be un-suspended as is or do I have to move to a different host? Thank you.

Accounts suspended for hitting a daily limit are automatically reactivated after 24 hours.