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my website is
My account was suspended for 24 hours the day before yesterday, it opened yesterday and i was really thrilled to finish setting up my website but then unfortunately before i was done it got suspended again this time with no 24hr count. I’m a blog beginner and this is really demotivating and puts one’s spirit down.
Kindly assist.

This means you may have been suspended for abuse, please make a ticket in the client area as it may have been fasley detected, support will look into it.


ohh just checked
its showing this
Your account was suspended because you hit the CPU Limits. Learn more about this limit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 23 hours from now.

If you are getting suspended alot, you might want you read that that article, as it’s quite helpful in explaining what CPU is and how to fix it.
Good luck with your blogging !

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Thanks but my website is really low, i havent received any visitors yet, im jc setting up the website

Unfortunately it’s not just visitors that cause traffic, there are also bots, good and bad.

Anyway, you should be fine if you read that article.

If you are using WordPress, the CPU limit is a common one. When your site comes back, remove all plugin but those necessary, and do not have any backup plugins (they are kind of useless here anyway) or the jetpack plugin. Also, doing a lot of editing at a time (so running a lot of PHP scripts) can overload the server. One last tip is to not use the auto-update feature, and to wait ~10 mins after opening your site before editing (This allows WP to run it’s background tasks before you start editing, so less resorses are used at once).
I hope this was helpful!


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