Account Suspended

My Account was suspended , I delete the file which they mention to delete.
I use Support Ticket and message them but they did not reply till me.
Help me.

Are you sure you deleted the file? Did they close the ticket?


Currently the account in suspended mode , so i can’t delete it because control panel can’t open . its second time of suspension first time they reactivate. i reply in where i message first time in support ticket.

Please note that no one here cant help you with this issue, Wait for their reply, and its their decision whether to continue the hosting account or permanently ban it


I see your account was reactivated yesterday afternoon, and then was suspended again yesterday evening.

When deleting the file, please make sure to actually delete the file. If you upload the file again with changes, it will pass through the scanners again, and will probably trigger a suspension.

The support staff offered to reactivate your account is you agree to remove them. If you do, then tell that in the ticket and they will probably reactivate it. Then delete the files they say you should delete.


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