Account suspended

Good night, have a query.

My domain ( appears as suspended. What happened to hosting? He says that due to excess resources. But I’ve only been setting up my WordPress site, without uploading videos, heavy files, or heavy plug-ins.

I would like you to clarify what happened in this regard.

Hello there,

There are many reasons why your site is suspended due to using too much server resources. It could be that while your setting up your WP site, the WordPress software was executing many stuff and php scripts in the background.

Also in the Client Area there should be a reason why your account is suspended and a Knowledge Base article link is also attached for you to learn more about why your site used too much server resources and how you might be able to reduce it.


KB article link below about suspended sites, I would echo what @UnknownLolz said about setting up your site. I had a warning about reaching 50% of my limit a couple times when I was setting up a WP site.


Incomprehensible, but when they do not indicate anything of those limits in the conditions when creating the account. I am afraid that I will have to look for some alternative of hosting that at least allows me to configure my site.

Any free hosting site will have limits, once you’ve determined what is causing you to exceed those limits you can work around it. Here’s the link to the KB/FAQ’s, the 7th item down Fair Usage Limits will be of interest.

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From your previous post, I have seen that you installed too many plugins. This happen when you run or execute too many plugins at the same time (Example is, you’re editing your live site and refresh everytime) even though those plugins are not too heavy.

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