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I got a big problem with my account. It has been suspended very often. One day it’s been reactivated, and the next day my account has been temporarily suspended again because I hit the I/O Limits . When I checked the I/O used, it was far below the limit every day.
I’ll put here my last stats I have:

Plan: Free Hosting
FTP accounts: 1 / 1
Sub-Domains: 0 / Unlimited
Add-on Domains: 1 / Unlimited
Parked Domains: 0 / Unlimited
MySQL Databases: 1 / 999
Disk Quota: Unlimited
Disk Space Used 60 MB
Disk Free Unlimited
Inodes Used 14 % (4313 of 30019)
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Bandwidth used: 18 MB
Bandwidth remaining: Unlimited
Daily Hits Used 0 % ( of )

I didn’t have much traffic and I often cleared the cache of my blog, but I keep on receiving emails saying that I utilised over 50% of daily resource limits even now, when my account is suspended for good…
I did nothing to hit the I/O Limits. There was a simple blog with almost no traffic, and the stats showed me that I/O was always far below limits.
This must be an error, can somebody do something to reactivate my account?
Thank you

Were you modifying files or installing or managing the script used for your blog? Is it flat file? Those can all raise your I/O usage, and the limit for I/O usage is a secret kept by iFastNet, so Infinity Free doesn’t even know it.


None of these. And I still receive mails saying that I utilised over 50% of daily resource limits…

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