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Why is my account suspended I was not even editing or doing nothing in my account what gives? this is crazy. I go and check my account bam account blocked. lol. you guys should of made this a social media platform. this is the 2 time in the pass two days.i am running a payed ad campaign. I hope the staff at infinityfree is not loging and playing in the accounts.


Can you send sreenshot?

Maybe you past Fair Usage Limits. More info in

Like the email says, It’s temporary suspended because you’ve reached daily limits of the free hosting.
it’ll be activated after 19 hours.
If your site needs to handle more user visits/ More daily limit, then you should upgrade your account.


O, that really helps telling me or someone else that. So, I guess the server stats in the cpanel is a big lie then no such thing as unlimited bandwidth or 50,000 hits a day wtf. thats a funny statement you gave me.

Please note it’s a free hosting, free also means limited. Infinityfree has Unlimited bandwidth and storage but not unlimited daily limits.

No host provides Unlimited daily limits. Premium hosts also have limits on their daily usage but much higher than every free host. Of course you’ve to pay for their service.


If you’re spending money on your website anyways, may I suggest spending some money on the hosting of your website too? Just to make sure that the traffic you paid for can reliably reach your website?

In your account statistics, I can see your hits usage nicely correlates with your CPU usage. So everything points to this traffic you purchased, combined with (presumably) fairly heavy code, causing the high CPU usage.

Also, we don’t say everything is unlimited. You already know the hits are limited. And if you had checked the account statistics, you would see all the things we measured, and a red line in the graph indicating there is a limit.


Is it anyway you guys can send me a backup file of my wordpress website. I cannot even log into my admin wordpress panel. I just got off-of my second bullshit suspension. Dont tell me where to spend my money. I had about enough of this.

And, by the way I dont have time to argue with you. I guess you think you know it all. Clearly this service is a gimmick. I know how to read stats I only been with you guys a week and all hell is breaking lose. I might have to report you guys to the BBB or the FTC.

This is a SSL error!!! Try use VPN.

You can just download your website files over FTP and export your database through phpMyAdmin. That way, you get your website in the same format as we would have given you.

And the best thing is: neither of those tools (FTP and phpMyAdmin) require a single line of code on your website to work.

There are many things I don’t know, and I never intended to imply that this was the case.

For example, I don’t know who visited your website or why. I don’t know what’s on your website, how the code works, or why it’s generating such high CPU load.

If you know how to read stats, could you please try to read your stats and try to understand why your website got taken down? Because either I’m apparently not good at reading stats, or they quite clearly show that an increase of traffic tipped already high CPU usage over the edge. And if I am not good at reading stats, could you care to elaborate what clearly indicates you that this suspension was invalid?

Why? For not shoving the article on how you make a backup in your face earlier? I mean this article:

Or for having resource limits, just like every sensible hosting provider out there, regardless of the price? Or for not having a flashing banner on your website warning you that there are limits?

I would like to learn how we can improve. Preferably in a way that doesn’t boil down to “just remove the CPU limits” or “you should have fixed my website code”, neither of which are things we can do.


Sir, My Account got temporary suspended was showing 24hr reactivation time.but now clock count start from beginning again please visit my account activate it and tell me where is the issue and why daily cpu usage limit exceed please…i am waiting for your reply i hope it will be on my favor.

Which account are you referring to exactly? I see only one suspension, which was started today. I don’t see any record of your domain being suspended yesterday.

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