Account Suspended

**My website URL

What I’m seeing is:

**I’m using this software:browser

Additional information: All of sudden while uploading files on server.

Please describe what you see in the control panel.
For example, view your account statistics.


I am seeing account suspended due to some unknown reason mentioning that you have used more than allowed domain for free services. while I have created only 3 domains in my account which is the quota allowed.


What unknown reason? Could you please upload a screenshot or tell us that issue?

Your account was suspended because some of the files you uploaded were flagged by our abuse filters.

In any case, you need to submit a support ticket from the client area to get your account back. The account review staff usually responds very quickly and they are the only ones who can help you get your website reactivated. So please submit a ticket from the client area quickly to get your website back.

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