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I set this account up for my daughter. All I did last night, was setup the Wordpress and install the plugins. Now it seems the site is suspended.

I was thinking of purchasing premium but honestly, this situation is less than satisfactory. The performance of the website was also poor, with many reloads to get to a page, not seemingly caused by any plugin, as reload did load the page (I am also on 1G fibre).

I appreciate it’s a free setup, to solicit premium, is this really the way to do it? I feel like it’s blackmail and would rather move my site to go daddy or another SP.

The site is also caught by malware scanners on my work PC, which doesn’t give me high confidence.

That is most likely due to the code you put on the site. We provide a clean slate, so there is nothing about the hosting account itself that can trigger a firewall event.


Thanks for your reply. The explanation on RAM seems to be overcome if I move to Premium right? I would prefer to choose a service that offers alternative incentives. There are many account suspensions listed on this forum and most of them are not for suspicious or content reasons.

The explanation on RAM and how to mitigate is very basic - other than deactivate plugins you are not using. It states your calculation on RAM is complex and confidential, so it will be a guessing game on the user side.

The site was flagged by Cisco Umbrella as suspicious, I do not believe there are any non standard plugins on the site.

I might also add, Umbrella is flagging almost every domain I see listed on this forum as a security threat. Are they all running suspect plugins or code? It does not seem likely.

I’m not sure what happened here. It may have been a bug on our end.

The RAM limit does exist but hitting it is really, really rare. But in the last 24 hours, the limit has been triggered more times than all the times before that. So something was definitely changed on the platform and I assume that this was not intentional.

So for now, I suggest just waiting for the reactivation and see what happens after. It’s very likely that this won’t happen again, even if you don’t change anything on your site.

It would be extortion. I completely agree. Which is why we don’t do that. We don’t want users or customers that hate us.

We’re not in the business of holding your site hostage and extorting you for money. If you buy hosting from us, the only reason should be that you actually like our services and because the package is a good fit for you.

Some security products have the annoying tendency to assume that if one subdomain is bad, then all subdomains must be bad. And instead of informing the owner of the domain so they can fix it, they just block the entire domain without telling anyone.

Because even if we have a 99.9% effective abuse filter, we host hundreds of thousands of websites, so a few bad sites will evade our detection and security companies will see them before we do.

If you know your site is safe, then please report your site to Cisco as a false positive, because that’s what this is. These security companies tend to be more receptive to reports from their users/customers that a domain owner.


Thank you for this comprehensive and I must say, reassuring response. I look forward to reconnecting to the site when it is live again and will try to make adjustments where I can, to avoid the RAM issue.

Thanks also for your comments on your route to market. I appreciate you are a business and so your comments are reassuring. I am testing this site and service for my daughters local business with a view to moving to Premium, if the service works well and the business gains interest online, as it is localised and word of mouth at this moment.

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