Account suspended, not active after 24 hours

My account was suspended due to cpu limit an not active after 24 hours.
My website link.

Hello there,

Well you’ll have to wait for 24 hours for your site to be reactivated just like everyone else.

For more information about your suspension please check the following KB articles:

Hope this helps!

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Your Site Works Now.

It takes up to an hour before your site becomes active again.

Just have patience. I just checked your account, and see it was reactivated after 24 hours and 5 minutes, which is perfectly normal.

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I am completely tired with this hosting. There wasn’t contact email. I deleted my domain - then I deleted my all accounts but my domain get suspended after I removed it from hosting. I check your cracking jokes of knowledge base. I want to resign completely with deletion of my profile too. I don’t want this malware leech of account suspension should haunt me to keep me attached to your lousy hosting until I get paid hosting. But I doubt I would still be able to completely throw off your paid hosting either. I want quick resolution of this problem. Release my domain or I have to pursue legal actions against your hosting.

Hello there,

InfinityFree doesn’t have any control over your domain in any way, InfinityFree is a website hosting service and not a domain name provider, Website hosting services only host your account and does not control them.
Only you and your domain name provider has access to your domain, if you want to remove your domain from InfinityFree then you can do it any time by just changing your DNS to something else.

If you’re still using the InfinityFree Nameservers on your domain then that explains it, changed the nameservers to something else and then wait for up to 24 hours for it to fully propagate and the suspended page should be gone. Also InfinityFree again does not have control over your domain and it cannot suspend your domain in any way.

Hope this helps!


No, you domain is not suspended. We can’t suspend a domain name which we don’t host. And we don’t host your domain name anymore because you deleted it from your account.

We don’t host your domain name anymore. Period. You can deactivate your account, not deactivate your account, delete the account, delete the profile. A domain that’s not hosted is a domain that’s not hosted, and none of those actions affect your domain name in any way.

So if you’re now thing “then why does my domain redirect to”, we have a KB article which explains that very thing. With the second possibility being “You are moving the domain to another hosting provider”.

Please read the information we provide you before jumping to conclusions about our intent.

So did you read this article or not? How come you checked our knowledge base but missed this part? If there is something that makes the KB hard to navigate, please do share your opinion so we can use it to improve it.


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