Account Suspended - MySQL Usage Limit

Account: epiz_31488476

Error: Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits.

All I can say is you got to be joking. NOBODY goes to the website except me … extremely occasionally. And maybe a few spammers hitting the contact form per week.

And that’s enough to breached MySQL limits? None of the reasons below apply to my website:

I know its free but seriously …

Yes , but it comes with free limits also. So you might want to stick with them? It could be more that your spammer count.


The limit could also be caused by the code you use. The more SQL calls and connections that your code calls, the faster you hit the limit. Even if there is only one visitor, you could still hit it depending on your code.

Additionally, you forgot to mention bots. They probably account for at least 100 hits a day on your site, and they will run the SQL calls as well.


Its a Wordpress site using Hestia lite as its theme. There are only 5 pages and everything is static with just WP Forms and WP Mail SMTP plugins for the contact form seeing any type of action daily (spammers about 1 email every couple of days, which still drives me batty given the form is protected by ReCapcha). And I’m about to shut this form down as I don’t even need it. Its basically a set and forget website for myself.

If that sort of website can breach the free “limits”, its not much of a limit is it? Perhaps it’ll be better to tell us exactly what the limits are that can “… stress the MySQL database server …” and then provide us the logs that show us how our website breached those limits.

Without seeing the numbers on both ends, InfinityFree’s MySQL servers and my site’s MySQL connections, how am I suppose to know what I can and can’t have on my website?

Yes its free so I can’t gripe too much. You get what you pay for or in this case, what I didn’t pay for.

WordPress is NOT static.


Again, if the free limits can’t handle a basic “static” Wordpress site … we can argue all day on the definition of static. Who creates a 100% pure html site these days?

Is there any web host out there that does NOT offer a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal quick installer like InfinityFree’s Softaculous (forgive me if I’ve mis-spelt it)?

So wouldn’t one expect a web host to be able to handle a “static” Wordpress site?

InfinityFree can handle a basic WordPress installation just fine. If I had to guess, I would say that 50% of people using this service are using WordPress, if not more. Why you are getting suspended, I have no idea.

Maybe try creating a new hosting account and copying your files and database over.


A modest WordPress site with light traffic should be no problem here. And for almost everyone, it isn’t.

Why you got suspended, I don’t know. A big or inefficient plugin could be causing issues, perhaps a complex maintenance operation or possibly a wave of spammers hammering your website.

Unfortunately, we don’t record any additional data to help diagnose this issue. But for now, I would just leave things as they are and hope that this doesn’t happen again.


Here we go again … 2nd suspension because of MySQL Usage Limits under a week.

My Wordpress site can’t be any more “modest” and have any less traffic … Hestia Lite theme, 5 “static” pages, 4 plugins (Orbit Fox Companion, Page Layer, WP Mail SMTP, WP Forms Lite) and 1 visitor.

Given I can’t see logs to ascertain why the above combination would “overload” MySQL, there’s no way to prevent this from happening again.

The only thing that happened since the 1st suspension is I backed up my database and files, which was 2 days before I got the 2nd suspension.

Do a search for “MySQL Limits” on this forum and its not just me having this issue. But I would bet good money that my website is “probably” more “modest” with less “traffic” than all of them.

Yet its still too much for the MySQL server. Free obviously has its limits … those limits are just kinda low here. Sigh …

Bots. Don’t forget the bots.

You do have a point. Ever since the server upgrades, a lot fewer people were getting suspended. All of a sudden, that rate went up now.

What SQL server are you on?


There we go. Website builders like Elementor or others aren’t made for running on free hositng.


MySQL server is

PageLayer - I’ll remove once suspension is lifted. Don’t even need it. From memory after installing Hestia theme, it recommends installing PageLayer so I did.

In the meantime, could you point to some doco on why PageLayer, Elementor type plugins aren’t made for running on free websites? I can’t find any reviews pointing to it as a cause of high MySQL usage.

Given I’ve finished building the website weeks ago, why am I hitting MySQL limits now when I’m no longer using the wordpress admin page, let alone using PageLayer?


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Ermm… Well they use high server resources. Thats why.


Much as I want to believe you know your stuff, it would do your word more justice if you provided evidence instead of opinion.

If PageLayer is such resource hog, surely there would be plenty of reports floating around, even circumstantial ones.

Just saying …

“Ermm… Well they use high server resources. Thats why.”

… ain’t gonna cut it.

I’m pretty sure PageLayer would refute your “opinion”. And why wouldn’t anyone refute an “opinion” when there’sno evidence behind it?

I and others in this “MySQL Limits” debacle are more than willing to believe a forum “Regular” … if they were more transparent in their “opinions”.

This is the forum to “help” users with issues on free web hosting. And presumably you are volunteering your time to help us … aren’t you?

I fail to see how you’ve helped based on the 3 comments you made so far.

All page builders are resource-hungry (for which free hosting is not enough).

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I agree. The main reason it does not work is because plugins like Elementor use a lot of SQL query’s. And are heavy plugins. Not only does this cause a lot of resource use while you are building your website (Many people complain that their website is suspended while it is still under construction, and some state that the URL is private and protected), but it also causes a lot of resource use when visitors load your page. Why? Because WP Core is still running all of its tasks, and Elementor or a similar plug-in are adding on hundreds of tasks to that list in order to build the current page.

Because of the way WordPress is built, it works well on servers with high capacity, or few visitors. While you cannot control your visitor count completely (Bots, curious users, etc), you can control your server environment. There are hosting providers out there that provide services to people that use WordPress, and have WP dedicated servers. These servers are built with WP in mind. Unfortunately, free hosting does not quite have the budget to install these, and ~25% of users (My guess) don’t use WP.

Everyone here is, except for Admin who gets paid based on ad revenue.


Free hosting can be enough for page builders like Elementor with enough optimizations. I know this as my website is using Elementor and it’s neither slow nor using a lot of resources.


Lets break down some assumptions.

All the “evidence” provided in the forum search link and CodeInWP review is about Elementor. None of which is PageLayer. If we’re to lump PageLayer with Elementor, then its like saying Pepsi is the same as Coca-cola. Similar but not the same.

Plus that article “generalises” this statement:

… vast majority of builders are shortcode-based and their parsing is a highly processor-intensive operation …

If you read the the whole article, you’ll realise it does NOT say that page builders are definitively resource hogs. It implies page builders could be one of the many reasons for poor website performance.

And given my website was completed long before these MySQL limit suspensions, its safe to say PageLayer is NOT the culprit. And to further prove this point, I just realised PageLayer isn’t even installed. I made the mistake of assuming it was installed as I had it on my sub-domain as I was locked out of my main domain and couldn’t check. And my sub-domain is a test bed for my main domain.

Perhaps Greenreader9 said it best …

… Unfortunately, free hosting does not quite have the budget to install these …

… regarding WordPress sites.

So in a nutshell, it seems free hosting with InfinityFree could struggle with WordPress sites. Either pony up (which is not relevant for my case since no one comes to my site) or try other free hosting options and see if your mileage differs. Or just live with the suspensions if its not a biggie like mine since there are no users that are affected by the outage.

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