Account suspended more then 24hr due to cpu hit

24hr passed still not active; very disappointed. Was just developed website.
They seriously need to reduce suspension hrs. I am thinking to switch to paid service another web hosting service.
If you cannot create a decent web what the point of using it forget about upgrading.
No option to view and monitoring system usages

Note that it can take 10 minutes before an account is unsuspended. Note that you may have been suspended a second time, but no one can check for you since you did not follow the template, and you did not provide a username/URL.

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I checked your account ( epiz_31150143 for my own reference ), and I see it was reactivated after 25 hours and 15 minutes.

I admit that this took longer than it should, but as you can see, it does work.


Why not reduce suspension time to 12hr max; 24hr is too much don’t you think.

In my opinion, 24 hours is the correct amount of time for an entity to learn about the consequences of their actions, even if unintentional. Generally speaking, a person should sleep for some time during 24 hours, but may not sleep at all for 12 hours.

24 hours also provides time for the server to calm down from whatever load was put on it or for iFastNet support to remove malicious files and/or reply to support tickets.

Speaking from experience, being suspended does suck, but it happens. And for me, 24 hours is a small price to pay. I would rather be suspended for 24 hours and regain full access to my account than be suspended for only 12 hours and only half of my website work.

In conclusion, everything has a purpose, and iFastNet made the suspension last for 24 hours for a reason.

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!

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