Account Suspended for no reason.

Hi Admin,
I have received this mail from your team. Hi, Your account was suspended because you signed up with an e-mail address under the domain. E-mail addresses under that domain are frequently used by abusers, which is why the domain name has been blacklisted. I have reactivated your account, but please change your e-mail address to another e-mail address (like Gmail, or Yahoo, for example). Please do so immediately, because if you haven’t changed your e-mail address within 24 hours after reactivation, your account will automatically be suspended again. You will need to change the e-mail address for both your client area and for all your hosting accounts. So i need to tell you that i have already changed my email id for this account and used “” domain.
Then also my account was suspended.
Can you tell me the exact cause of this issue i am facing.

There is always a reason why your account is suspended. The reason may be a false positive, something you don’t agree with is bad or even something you were not aware of was on your website, but there is always a reason. We never suspend accounts for “no reason”.

Anyways, if your account is suspended, the client area gives you more information on what you can do about it. Follow the instructions in the client area.