Account suspended for no reason

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Hello! i was creating a new website and then setting up third website for my minecraft server community, then i was finished editing the html and when i hit save, it says ftp auth failed. i refreshed the client area, then it was suspended for abuse?? i never do anything like abuse or other that is not allowed in here! then i got an email saying ALL MY WEBSITE WAS SUSPENDED FOR ABUSE/?!!?!!. i was shocked to see this.

@Admin Please fix this bug! i do not wanna lose my websites!

Your best course of action will be to raise support ticket. No one can help you


:expressionless: oki…

You shouldn’t be shocked by the word “abuse” being used here as that can apply to any site that gets too popular - too many hits and you’re suspended for 24 hours automatically. Dig into the stats to see if that (or something similar such as overuse of resources) might be the cause. If that’s what caused the problem and if it keeps happening to you, you’ll need to find a way to generate an income from that traffic (e.g. with ads) so that you can use that revenue to pay for hosting.


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