Account suspended for literally no reason (I/O Limit.)

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Your account was suspended because you hit the I/O Limits

Other Information

Website was idle, had no visitors, not ddosed [i have cloudflare configured properly].
At 3:51 AM in the morning i get the message the site is suspended for “io limits”
A short check what IO Limits are , says it happens when u transfer too many php files or so.
I did not touch any files whatsoever, neither did anyone else.

From the “learn about this” page:
“The IO limit is one of the most abstract limits that exist on InfinityFree. Because of that, it’s not always easy to understand or reason why a site hits the IO limit.”

So what do you want to know? It’s only temporary, and your site will be back shortly.

24 hours to be precise

I highly doubt you ever gonna get a straight answer on this one mate. And, of course, a solution, if they ever wanted one, is probably out of the question. I guess it’s the price we have to pay for free hosting. But hey! You can review’em on TrustPilot! Be their guest!

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If you believe that hitting the IO limit must be the result of a DDoS attack, then either our article is extremely confusing, or you just didn’t read it well.

Hitting the IO limit is caused by PHP files reading and writing to files on your account. Backup plugins or other systems that involve moving a lot of data around tend to be a major source of IO usage.

If it was just traffic, you would have hit the hits limit, CPU limit or EP limit, depending on your site and the behavior or the attack traffic. From what I’ve seen, high IO usage is always associated with website software.

I wish I could tell you exactly what specific software or behavior on your account triggered this. Unfortunately, I have no way to know either. We only keep simple, aggregate counters per account, not detailed point-in-time snapshots of what exactly happened at your account at any time.

But just because we don’t know the reason doesn’t mean there isn’t one.


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