Account suspended for abuse


I was wondering if I could raise a concern I have over a recent communication.
I received a message saying that my account has been suspended for abuse. It’s a simple single landing page so I’m not sure why I have received this message. Any ideas?

I was planning on adding my own domain to this site and to getting the super premium hosting plan at $3.99 per month, but I am concerned that this might be a waste if my account will be repeatedly suspended in such a fashion.

Please could you advise what steps I can take to make sure this does not happen again?

Thanks x

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It depends on why your account was suspended. Could you please check the account in the client area and see what is the description provided there? There should also be information about how/when you can try to restore the account, and how you can learn to prevent the issue in the future.



The message just says:
“Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors and reviews accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.”
I’m a bit puzzled as I’m not sure why.

You need to send a support ticket so that the support team will review the account and reactivate it back if no suspicious content was found on your account.


Thanks, I’ve submitted a support ticket - do you know how long it will take them to review?

Within a minutes, I’m sure, they are very fast. You will receive a message from your email account once they replied to you.


Thanks Katufo, they’ve been looking into it for me :slight_smile:
They certainly are very fast!
Thank you so much for your swift reply also, I appreciate the help x

Did you know now the reason why your account was suspended? So please don’t do it again and so this won’t happen again in the future.

Apparently, it’s to do with the number of hits 7,766,621 hits on the domain so far this month. I’m not sure where that would have come from though.

The support team said that the problem could be resolved by upgrading to the super premium plan where there are unlimited hits and then it shouldn’t be suspended thereafter.

Is there any reason why a simple site would generate so many hits. Could it be to do with the images?

What did they write to you in ticket? I mean the abuse thingy. is this because of hits?

Maybe bots or you are editing your website while also using the site, you know. Live Editing with Live Preview. And you click on refresh button too many times and too many redirections because you are viewing your edited site.

If you are using HTML static website, I would suggest you to edit first your source code/files or resources using your desktop and other softwares like Sublime and XAMP, and when you are satisfied on your edited files, then upload it to your website (Online file Manager).

Across a number of messages they said:
There has been 7,766,621 hits on your domain so far this month, thats way too much for a free hosting plan!

I asked:
Is that the only reason for suspension?

They replied: Yes

Could you tell me, if I were to upgrade to a super premium plan at $3.99 per month would the site still be suspended in this fashion?

Their answer: No, there is no daily/monthly hit limit on super premiun,

Going by what they said, it seems like the abuse is purely down to hits.


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