Account suspended for 2nd time without response


I already sended a support ticket 1 week ago (ticket 845678 -, and i don’t get response of any type. I need my website again working. This is the 2nd time that my website is suspended for “Abuse”. My website dont generate huge traffic, or huge use. I don’t use them for any type of illegal or harmful content. My website with database is less than 50mb in total. I don’t know why suspend account’s without any response in support.

Was a reason given the first time?

Exactly the same. In the first suspension, the staff response with:

In fact, I had and have some json files with the word “Chan”, and I have notified about this, because my website uses Chan word, not for “Chan Links”, otherwise, for TWITCH emotes. I got unbanned after justifying this.

Well, someone with a higher pay grade than me will have to answer. I guess the automated system that looks for these abuses is imperfect, and you are again being caught up in its automated web of capture. Whether or not the free servers can except your filenames from future automated bans remains to be seen.

Pretty close.

The automated system that checks for these things is going to trigger a suspension every time you upload a file with the word “chan” in it. Even if the file is cleared by support staff, the suspension will be re-triggered if you ever re-upload the file.

Best thing to do after the account gets reactivated (If it does), is just to remove that word completely.


No file have “chan” in my files. The closest would be that, some of the “uuid” of the json file names are created with the word “chan”, although these are random. But for this to happen is extremely rare. And if it does happen, it has about 10 digits in it.

If they reactivate the service for me (if they do), I will audit the filenames for it, and, if I find a file of it, I will have to add a patch for it to regenerate those files, and prevent it.

FYI: UUIDs are represented as hexadecimal values. That means that they contain numbers and the letters a to f. So there is no way there could be an h or a n in a UUID.


So, I ran out of options. Other than that, none of my files have that content.

2 weeks, and no response from Support Ticket.

If you didn’t get a response after a day or two, just bump the ticket.

Asking on a community forum is not going to get you any details on why your account was suspended or help get it back.


It is the same, both do not answer anything.

My account was apparently already deleted today, which is a wonderful notice :smiley: no response from the admins on the ticket, and the idea of “bump the ticket” apparently gets “move you ticket to the back of the queue”. 20 days without response, what a wonderful service.

Many tickets get answered within 15 minutes, most within a few hours. If it takes multiple days to get a reply, you can be pretty sure something went wrong and the ticket is no longer in the queue.

And if an account is not reactivated within the first ~20 days, it’s at risk of getting removed. It seems like that’s what happened here.

I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. But I’m afraid it’s too late now to save your account.


Unfortunately, they never mentioned that to me :wink:

I shut down, left my website off and left the webhost, I lost all the progress of my website because I never believed that, one day, the monitoring system did not work well and the insufficient support team did not work to help me to recover it.

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