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I’ve deleted my sites from infinityfree about a month ago and I’m currently waiting for my account to be closed. Last few days I’ve started receiving messages that my account has been suspended for too much CPU use - can you tell me why exactly this happens when everything has been removed, no dns records point to infinityfree servers and it makes absolutely no sense to have high cpu usage from a resource that simply doesn’t exist?


Another email for that. What is the reason this happens? It’s beyond absurd quite frankly.

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I have had the exact same issue with my hosting.
Not only do I keep getting account suspension/restore emails, but I keep getting “Your Website is now quite successful” emails.

this was after I got so annoyed of my site constantly being suspended due to high CPU, so I moved it to my own dedicated host and changed the DNS records.

It’s been a month and these emails continue with ZERO load. What gives?

Free hosting is great and all under fair use, sure - but incorrectly calculating loads seems disingenuous and misleading.

Any update? I would like to have my account closed immediately and all my information removed from your servers

I’m getting suspended account also but the thing is that i’ve never used it. i put a wordpress on it and left it blank so far, haven’t posted one thing or modified the template at all, it’s just a blank install and i’m getting suspended for going over the daily cpu limit? i looked at the graph and why would there be so much cpu use on a blank that has nothing and not one visit? is this just some scam to get people to put a site and content up then loose it if they don’t start paying?

It’s just a way to force people to pay for hosting, however it’s forcing people away from the “free” hosting. The wordpress install was awfully slow. I couldn’t even backup the site I made after even though it was just 5 posts “big”. Hitting the cpu limit when the site was operational was done after about 20 website visits. It is absurd and I would never recommend infinityfree to anyone as a hosting. There are plenty of other hosts that provide free hosting with a much better, much faster and much more pleasant service and who don’t employ such shady and devious tactics to force you to pay for your hosting plan.

I would like to kindly have an asnwer to this, please, from support

You say you deleted your websites a month ago. However, on our end, we have recorded traffic on your website until the 8th of April (after it was reactivated for the last time).

If there is an issue, it needs to be fixed. But so far, I have not been able to confirm your account was empty at the time it was suspended. Which makes it quite hard for me to submit any bug report.

But what I can tell you is that this is absolutely not a scam to try and get you to upgrade. We want happy customers, not people who have been threatened and harassed into paying. A single payment of a few dollars to get a website back is not a way to build a sustainable business. A sustainable business relies on happy, loyal customers with whom we can have a great, long term relationship. Harassing, lying and cheating doesn’t achieve that.

Well, that’s frankly impossible.

  1. My site was moved away from infinityfree on March 6th, with all dns changes made on that day.
  2. Same date I removed all data from infinityfree

DNS records don’t show ANY reference to infinityfree dns servers since the above day so there is absolutely no way you can “record traffic” on 8th of April for it and it’s clearly an error on your part - how can you get traffic for something that doesn’t exist on your servers for 4+ weeks?

Jo above has the same issue. Jon as well. It is a mistake at your end. It is causing false positives and it is forcing people to upgrade when they don’t need to.

Please, remove my account. I don’t want to deal with this and yes - happy customers are the way to go. Not this “slightly” shady way

I’m sorry, but a single issue shared by two people out of hundreds of thousands is not enough evidence to conclude that there is a system issue.

If I can see an account for which the statistics show high CPU usage and which I can verify do not have any active websites, then I can confirm there is an issue, and try to get it fixed.

You say that the DNS records were not pointing to our servers. That may be true, but all I have to go on here is your word. DNS does not show historic information, so I cannot verify the domain truly didn’t point to us anymore.

It could be that they have the same issue. But there is a subtle difference: they have active websites on their accounts. Which could also mean that they don’t have the same issue at all, and actually have high CPU usage. I have no way to tell, because we don’t record resource snapshots for free hosting.

Not quite.

As per Joflixen’s post “I moved it to my own dedicated host and changed the DNS records. It’s been a month and these emails continue with ZERO load”.

As per Jon’s post - “I’ve never used it - I put a wordpress on it and left it blank /snip/ it’s a blank install and i’m getting suspended”.

So, no, it’s not a different issue. Even if you try and “creatively explain” it a bit and make Jon’s post “different”, Joflixen’s issue is EXACTLY the same.

If you prefer I can show statistics for the current (paid mind it, as I was looking for a paid hosting and wanted to try out yours first due to the recommendations) hosting provider regarding the DNS records and the traffic they are getting. Yes, you can take my word on it - I removed absolutely everything, including the data on March 6. I swapped DNS records same day. Even if DNS records took more than a few hours (which is not true) to update, it wouldn’t have been more than a day. Certainly NOT all of a sudden “CPU limit” or “traffic hits” 4 weeks later.

Again, please, just remove my account. I don’t want to jump through hoops and deal with endless discussions of an admin trying to spin it on me and blame me for a mistake (genuine or not) at their end.

Please don’t mistake my message to imply that I say the issue does not exist, or that you are lying.

But all I have to go on are a few people who say the CPU usage calculation is wrong. And people say that quite often, and almost always it’s caused by people misunderstanding what CPU usage is, or what things can cause it.

If there is any issue, then it needs to be fixed. But I cannot fix an issue if I cannot verify the issue exists in the first place. And I cannot send a developer to spend a lot of time trying to debug an issue which I’m not even sure exists, especially when that means said developer cannot spend time to fix issues which have been confirmed to exist and affect a lot of people.

I fully understand that this answer doesn’t help you. So if you want to leave, I fully understand that. If so, please check the Account Settings in the client area for the next steps.

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