Account suspended due to hitting entry process limits

Hi, Sorry to mail you directly but I couldn’t find any button on the Community Forum page to create a new string (even though I have done so before !??).

My site was suspended yesterday due to hitting entry process limits. What I’ve seen online talks about PHP possibly being the culprit. However, ny site just has HTML pages and no PHP. Also, stats for yesterday shows just 3 hits on the site all day.

I’m at a loss of what to do or check.

My account is epiz_27148879, the website is

As you will see, I only ever get a low number of daily site visitors (typically in single figures in a day)

I do hope you can help.



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Thanks for the response. But, as you can see in my case, the issue occurred yesterday (the 24th April). In fact, my website is still suspended. So whatever your fix, it didn’t cover our issue.

Sorry, I forgot to give my website URL which is

My account username is epiz_27148879

The error that @jaikrishna.t mentioned is most likely correct. If the suspension happens again, can you report your username on that topic?

Also, where are you getting your visitor number count from?


I’m getting the visitor count from Google Analytics

It’s probably wrong. Google Analytics can only track people or bots that want to be tracked. Users with adblockers, privacy settings, or JS turned off are not tracked. Most bots are programmed not to allow requests to go to GA.

Google Analytics is good to get an idea of your users, but cannot be used to get the number of visitors you actually get.


Ah, OK. What would you suggest as a free and easy way to get stats

Nothing that I can think of. If you truly want to track everything, you need a pure PHP solution, since bots can always choose if they want to execute JavaScript or not. I have not yet come across a free solution to this, which is why I am making my own (Although it is fairly easy, it is time consuming). Cloudflare in an option, but I don’t think you can use it since you technically have a subdomain.

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