Account suspended due to CPU usage limit

For the second time, my account got suspended because of limitations on daily CPU usage.
My website is under construction and I can’t figure out why this is happening.
First time I thought maybe a problem happened while building the website so I reinstalled it totally because there wasn’t much to lose.
but now, same problem happened again and I’m not complaining, I just want to know what is causing this to prevent it.
I didn’t install many plugins and they should be legit from WordPress.
Plus, I was planning on upgrading my plan to Premium but after building my site in order not to waste time of subscription on building the site.
any suggestions or solutions ?
and can this issue occur again after upgrading my plan?

Please double check your client for the suspension reason. Does it say “CPU limit” or something else (spoilers: it says something else)? Can you then click the “learn more about this limit” link and read the article?

Some general recommendations though:

  • Build a website, especially installing plugins and themes, can take a lot of processing power. Even more than actual production traffic.
  • We don’t record detailed usage snapshots to tell you more about what the usage actually is. Premium hosting does have such snapshots. But don’t get your hopes up: it still won’t tell you exactly which piece of code or which interaction caused the high usage. Detecting things like that is computationally extremely expensive, so definitely not something you can do on a live site.

Premium hosting does have resource limits, but they are much higher, and work slightly differently from how they do on free hosting. There are no 24 hour suspensions on premium hosting.


First one was CPU limit, Second is Entry Process Limit which is consuming CPU power as well but what I understand from it that it is caused by the execution of PHP files.
I have no clue which PHP file causing this. but I’ll look into it.
Thanks for your answer!

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