Account Suspended, domains can't be deleted

My 3 hosting accounts were suspended. I want these accounts deleted from my InfinintyFree account but can’t unlink the domains because access to cpanel has been restricted. Can these be deleted from my account any other way?

You don’t have to wait for the accounts to be deleted to use the domains again. Just simply point them to wherever you want to use them next in your registrar, or DNS service.

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I know that, I’ve already changed the DNS part. I still want the hosting account from infinityfree closed without waiting 60 days, is it possible without cpanel access? Even though I’ve switched the DNS servers on the domain it’s still saying that the domain is linked to infinityfree.

No, not if the accounts are suspended, and they cannot and will not be deleted earlier upon request.

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Suspended domains cannot be unparked or deleted on request any earlier. This is by design. After all, when we take down some horrible phishing site, we want the site to actually stay down, and not for the user to delete the suspended account, create a new one, and be back up and running almost immediately stealing people’s login details.

If your account was suspended incorrectly, you can request for it to be reactivated, after which you’ll get full access to your account. But if you did actually commit abuse, you’re not going to be able to host that domain with us for a while.


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