Account suspended day in day out

I got a big problem with my account. It’s being suspended very often. One day it’s reactivated, and the next day my account is suspended again because I hit the I/O Limits . When I check the I/O used, it’s far below the limit every day.
I don’t have much traffic and I often clear the cache.
This must be an error, please help.
My site is:
Thank you

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Maybe a plugin in your website is causing your website to exceed the I/O Limits and suspend it. Try after 24 hours to uninstall the plugin that causes that problem.

I’m sorry, but why do you believe that this is an error? If your account is suspended for hitting the IO limits and the graphs show your IO usage is high, how do you know it’s not just your website using too much IO?

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I have the same plugins since years. The problem occured this time only.

The graphs show my average IO usage is way below the limit, and never exceeded it. That’s why I am sure it is an error.

In the first post you said that it’s far beyond the limit. So yes, you are exceeding it.

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My fault, I made the correction in the first post, thank you

I just received this mail again:

"Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username fceu_17378756 has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.

This limit is reset every day.

The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :

io warning

You can log into your cpanel with the username fceu_17378756 and in here click on ‘Account Statistics’ in here there are graphs that show your daily resource usage."

And here you have my I/O graph:


What’s going on?

Maybe they are forcing you to upgrade to Premium Hosting because your website is not suitable for free hosting.

I feel you @spyteri I myself had exactly the same problem here… Their criteria for suspending account is really weird and does not matches real usage (cpu-ram-ep failures…).
Heck, even now that I’ve completely removed my accounts from InfinityFree I still receive from time to time EP or CPU warnings… LOL!

I dont trust infinityfree anymore, thats why I moved to another free hosting (that has been rock solid for a month now!!!).

" Your account was suspended because you hit the I/O Limits ."

And nobody gives me any solution :frowning:

Technically, there is no solution. The “solution” is finding what is causing you to hit the I/O limits and fixing it.

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I just find it interesting that you are still on InfinityFree forums… :thinking:

The solution is simple: reduce the IO usage in your website or upgrade to a service with higher IO limits.

How to reduce the IO usage in your website? There is no singular answer to that, it highly depends on your what your website is doing.

I find it interesting that you are going off topic here, just as I find interesting that Im still receiving mails about account resource limits when I Dont have anything hosted here…
Really interesting things are happening here…

My website is a simple blog with very little traffic. There’s nothing different in it than it was 2 weeks ago, when the suspensions started. :frowning: And why should I reduce the IO usage, if the graph keeps showing that I’m far below the daily limit?

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I keep on receiving emails saying that I utilised over 50% of daily resource limits even in the days when my account is suspended… It’s clearly an error. Can anybody fix it,please?

While I Keep getting Cpu Resource limit at random time when there are exactly 0 people on website even using it. Nor any plugin and still gets away with getting spike and suspension of my account.

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I posted this on a few other topics as well (didn’t create an issue announcement yet - maybe I should), but since the start of the month the number of daily limit suspensions suddenly increased by a lot. I have asked iFastNet to investigate, but so far I’ve not received any useful information from them.


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