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Account suspended due to CPU usage.

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It looks me the words experience with freehosting provider. There are no visitors and I have just added few posts to the WordPress site and I have used all of the resources. The resources are so small that ,even, I could not finish the development process.
There is no CPU information that how much CPU could I use
The account is being suspended any time for 24 hours which means there are no daily limits. Just you reach the peak CPU usage you are suspended for 24 hours. This is the worst experience.
Even it is not equivalent to trial version.
Wasted a lot of time here.

You should first read the article about this limit. It has a lot of information that can help answer the questions you have, including those you wrote here:

Installing plugins and themes and making other major changes to websites takes a lot of processing power. So it makes a lot of sense that a site in development uses a lot of CPU power and gets suspended because of it. CPU power is not a measure of the number of visitors.

There is CPU information on the very page you took that screenshot on. Look at the graphs in the center of the page.

I’m sorry, but what do you mean by that? Your account was suspended for hitting the limit which means there is no limit???

It says right on our website’s home page: InfinityFree is not trial hosting.

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Thank you for your reply. May be this hosting is good choice for static websites and to not show anybody.
Because, I just added few posts and there are only few plugins.
When, the CPU usage is full, even I could not access the control panel. That is another big drawback.

That’s kind of the point. If you get suspended, you are supposed to not work on your website, so everything is locked down.

I have run dynamic websites in here just fine, and so have many others. It just comes down to what plugins you use, and how you use them.

It depends on what these plugins are, and what they do. If they trigger on every page load, and you are reloading or editing a lot, that will cause the CPU to go though the roof, leaving you suspended.

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