Account suspended, can't open ticket

Hi =)
user : epiz_27224734
I’m using infinityfree in an online course and my account was suspended when I was trying tu change my DB name in phpmyadmin.
I’d like to open a ticket but I’m unable to do so :confused:

Does anyone know how to ?
Thanks for the help =)

Can you tell us what kind of suspension it is?
(It can be found in client area)

"Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits . Learn more about this limit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 23 hours from now."

I’ve seen a similar problem and it seems I have to submit a review request from the client area but I’m unable to do so.

(post I’ve found > Account Suspended, Unable to open ticket.)

As it tells, your account will automatically be reactivated within 23 hours.
Note= This is a Temporary suspension and will re activate soon

I get it.
It’s not ideal since this is for a course but ok.

only problem is I don’t know why I got suspended …
I was only trying to change the DB name.

The system doesn’t give the exact reason why it was suspended,but have a look at the KB


I tryied to change Db name in phpmyadmin several times without any result before seeing that I had to do it directly in the control panel.

Is it possible that this caused the suspension ?

I’m just trying to understand what went wrong and how not to repeat this since I can’t use the service after one simple action.
And I don’t really see the point if I have to wait 24h every time I try something =)

You should not be able to rename a database from phpMyAdmin, or in any other way for that matter. The database names, user and permissions are controlled by the hosting platform, and you cannot change them yourself.


Ok thanks for the info :wink:
It should says something clearly when someone attempts to change the DB name tho

This is actually quite standard with web hosting, or any server where you don’t have full, unrestricted administrative control over the database. The hosting platform sets up the databases and database users, and makes sure that your database user has access to your databases. Once you start renaming your own databases, you risk losing access to it if your database user can’t access the new database name. Or worse, it would allow someone to hijack your database by renaming the database your account to a name which the attacker has access to.

Unfortunately, MySQL doesn’t really provide that option.


It seems logical now yeah !

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