Account suspended because of MySQL Usage Limits

Good morning!
After “playing a bit” with my website, i went in my control panel and it says that my account is suspended because i hit the MySQL Usage Limits.
I read the guide at What does MySQL overloading mean - Docs - InfinityFree Forum
I wanted to ask the precise reason that has brought to the suspension of my website.
Thanks for help


Look like launching a heavy Mysql query. The article has explained it well


I would like to be sure about so that i can take actions which will avoid this problem in future.

You can assume that the information provided in the client area is correct. If you see any reason to believe that it isn’t, please do let me know. But there is no need to second guess the information in the client area if there is no evidence to suggest that it’s not true.


Maybe i didn’t explain well my doubt.
I do believe that the information provided in the client area about the suspension of my account is correct, but i wanted to know the precise motivation for the suspension (for example “some of the database queries I execute take a lot of processing power to execute”).
I mean, what exactly is the problem? The queries process too many tuples? The queries are not optimized enough? Or others?

When your website uses a lot of resources on shared hosting, it might start to overload the server. Since this is a shared hosting, all processing power cannot be provided to you, otherwise it will affect other websites on the same server, which might suffer downtime. To prevent that from happening, your website is suspended once it crosses the limit.


The article actually explains how the process works:

In order to keep the server load down on the database servers (and keep the websites using it zippy), InfinityFree frequently checks the load on the server. If it’s determined that the database server load is too high - and performance on the websites using it is reduced - an automated system will come into action.

The system will then check which users on the database server use the most database server power. The system will then suspend the accounts causing the highest stress for the database server, which will be taken down for 24 hours.

This is exactly how the database performance is measured and high usage accounts are identified.

As to why your database usage was so high, we don’t record that. It could be a database query which returns too many rows, which queries too many rows, lacks proper indexes (or the query planner doesn’t use them correctly), joins too many tables, etc. All of those things could cause this, but we have no data to tell which one of those applied to your account.


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