Account Suddenly Suspended Because Of The Script I Uploaded To My Account

My account seems to have suddenly been suspended because of InfinityFree saying that my content is not allowed on free hosting. They said that the script that I uploaded to my account is not allowed here. There was something that I recently did: I registered a free .gq domain with Freenom and have tried to add it to my account. However, I haven’t deleted the subdomain from my account yet. The content that was uploaded to the free domain registered with Freenom was exactly the same as the content that was on my subdomain, so I’m not sure what isn’t allowed or what rules I’ve broken. I’ve read the Terms of Service, and it didn’t have any of the banned scripts that it listed.

Luckily, I have got a backup, so I haven’t lost my website. I don’t think that my website violated any rules, or I don’t think that Freenom domains are banned, as it doesn’t anywhere in the Terms of Service that they are.

Well then, reply to the ticket and ask them what part of your website was not allowed.

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I did reply. However, they were only replying with a vague description, such as ‘the script is not allowed’.

Well I can’t really do much about this issue, you might have to wait for Admin to reply to this topic.

The script you’re uploading got caught in our upload filters. Looking at the code, I don’t see anything that would obviously be against our terms. So this might just be a false positive.

Unfortunately, if that does happen, it’s very hard to prevent your account from being suspended over and over again for the same content. There is no good procedure or mechanism in place to prevent these false positives from occurring over and over again.

So while I personally don’t think your script is against our terms, I also don’t think you can host this here due to technical limitations on our end.


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