Account "Semi" Suspended with no reason

UPDATE: The website is working
My website is redirecting to, but account is active and i can acces CPanel. Please resolve and if you can provide me information about what’s happening.
Account: epiz_23046502

Hi. Same problem here. I’m using my website for personal development and I didn’t do anything that deserves a suspension in my knowledge. I cannot file a ticket for some reasons. There is no option anywhere. I have followed the link for the client area. There is no such thing as submit a ticket.

UPDATE: Problem got fixed on its own…

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Not fixed for me…:frowning:

have same problem here now, FTP, error 404 all day on one of our sites. This is very instable

Only now :slight_smile:

Same problem here, i use the site to personal development too.

And today i will show that for some collaborators, but that error has appeared, and i can’t solve.

UPDATE: Are your problem solved ? you just wait ? i really want my site back today :

Now the problem reappears. What happens?

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