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The Website Is Not Getting Reactivate!
Please Help Regarding This Problem

You need to wait for suspension to lift.
No one can help you


Hello Sir Could Your Team Help Me Regarding Solving The Issue.How Much Time It Could Take To Uplift Website And Hosting Panel.

Thank You Sir

For what you were suspended for? For limit suspensions, it is 24 hours.


I Am Not Premium User I Am Learning It.Two Days Ago It Was Working Fine.I Managed Payment Method To My Site So From Two Days Ago It Is Saying Like This:

Your account was suspended because you hit the Entry Process Limits. Learn more about this limit.

Your account is in queue to be reactivated and will be reactivated momentarily.

It appears that your account was initially suspended due to hitting one of the daily limits, but the status was changed afterwards in the hosting panel but this was not sent back to the client area. I’ve manually synced the suspension state now.

Unfortunately, you’ll still need to submit a ticket to get the account back.


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