Account problems from the start

Hello everyone, it is that I have a problem, I created on May 17 an account and a free subdomain with infinity free, because I need it for a course; That day I accessed the control panel normally and tried to download Wordpress but the platform did not allow it.

And then I won’t let myself go back to the control panel tools. I said good it must be because I have to wait a few hours for the subdomain to become active.

But today log in again and I can log in to the account, the subdomain is active but it does not allow me to enter the tools of the control panel a message comes out (the email and the password are invalid) and I am sure that I am entering the data correct. Try removing the subdomain and it won’t let me either.

Please help me, the administration to solve this problem or else help me to delete my account and subdomain please. Thanks bye.

You can login to the control panel, by going to the client area and clicking login to control panel. If it says that password or email are invalid, it is probably because you are entering one of them wrong or forgot your password. You can reset it by using the password reset feature.

This would probably help.

Just make sure to change your password through the client area. Do NOT use the password reset function on, because it will break your website at some point.


Hello Goodnight.

Thanks for the recommendations, I have followed them but the account failures continue.

Also try to enter the option to remove the subdomain but no option appears to do so.

The truth I ask you please help me, telling me the process I must follow to cancel that free hosting account with Infinity Free, taking into account that it has not worked for me and I no longer require it.

Thank you for your attention, I await a response.

Where are you looking? When deleting the domain names from your account, be sure to check the Subdomains, Addon Domains and Parked Domains section in the control panel. Checking them takes only a few seconds. And just because you don’t expect things to be there doesn’t mean that nothing is there.

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