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Hi, recently there was a blast of I/O ups and downs. I donot complain about it (if you can help pls help). Also I don’t have cloudflare. But the main problem is that I have another account
So I am requesting to check whether this account has been banned or not. I can’t open it with my password and also my domain is suspended. Reset password is not working either. I need to backup my files as I require them. If someone manages to get the account name and the ftp password, I can manage it.

Which reset password are you talking about?

The client area password reset should just work. The control panel password reset is a disaster and should never be used under any circumstances. You can see your account status, username and password through the client area, and change the password from there too.


I meant i cannot access the client panel anyway.

This page

I checked our email logs and I can see the verification emails were sent successfully and Gmail has confirmed their receipt. Can you please check your email account again (also the spam folder)?


that is not my email. that is my co-workers email.

and he is not responding but it is my site

that is the problem

and it has been more then 14 hours

hey can you delete this topic?

I hid the mail mentioned in the OP
so I think there is no need to delete


If the account is not on your email address, it’s not your site. I can’t help you get access to someone else’s account. Either the account owner needs to give you access, or you can’t access it.

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