Account not deactivated and remains in suspended state

I have marked one of my account - epiz_28593046 to be deactivated. But it is still in suspended state, for more than 24 hrs & not being deactivated.

Is it caused by something else that I forgot ? I have removed all the add-on domains, subdomains, databases and other stuff before deactivating it.

Here’s what it says :


I don’t think you can delete it until the suspension is over. This prevents people from just deleting the account and creating a new one with the same files.

Please read here:

Deactivated accounts are deleted automatically after 60 days following the deactivation. If you wish to use the account again or get access to it’s contents, you can reactivate the account from your client area if you have fewer than three active accounts.


Does it simply mean that I have to wait for some days ?

Wait for what?
Can’t you just ignore it?

By ‘waiting’ I just meant to “wait for deletion on it’s own”. That is, ‘ignoring’ :smile: Thanks for your support…!


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