Account login issue.


I was using this host, but i took some break to start learning more how to code. Around 1 month pass by and this issue happens. First i see login page. Logging in normally, then after hitting enter i see
“Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.” message. Weird thing is that i can use this account like now writing this forum post. I weren’t deleting my account



None related to this issue, but using program FTP Core.

Steps to reproduce

Not known

What is the current issue behavior?

After logging into my account i see message “Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.”,
but i can still log in.

What is the expected correct behavior?

Seeing normal account page, like list of my domains etc.

Relevant code, logs and/or screenshots

Screenshot of page:!5oxUiCbb!YCIALpSCnOpZhHg2BJ4hh0WO5m63c7frJF9ccWb_pjI

Attempted solutions

Resetting password, worked for getting access to forum.

Sorry for screenshot (realized it’s needed to register):
!(screenshot “”)

The URL is not valid anymore. We recently changed the URL structure, so any previous bookmarks won’t work anymore.

If you login from the InfinityFree homepage, you should see your account in the account list and can click Manage to go to the same page.

Oh, that was simple…
I were checking announcements and nothing about this was there. No email or forum post.
Thanks for letting know!