Account isn't deleting automatically

Following is the policy :
If you don’t do anything, your account will be deleted automatically after 90 days. Due to law enforcement reasons, accounts will not be deleted earlier.

I created an account in june 2018 but I don’t want that account after 1 month. So checked the above policy. Till now I am waiting for automatically deleting that account.

If anybody can help me in this, please do reply in this discussion.


Please note that accounts are generally kept for AT LEAST 90 days. After the 90 days, they may be marked for deletion at the next cleanup run. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this cleanup run happens within any particular span of time.

Thanks for replying.
Apology for late response.
Now Jan’19, still no response from your end regarding deletion of account.
I got that you can’t guarantee about it. Now I have 2 deactivated accounts. Can you provide any other assistance regarding this ? If yes, please do.


I checked this issue with iFastNet and got an answer from them. I explained it in more detail here: How to deactivate in 2019 - #2 by Admin

Long story short, deactivating accounts the old fashioned way doesn’t work anymore. To delete an account, you should now reactivate it and let it be deleted for inactivity.