account is suspended: Too many hits

I have a account with Username: epiz_19756985
and its account is suspended so can you please tell me will it get active after 24hrs or not as today it got a lot of traffic and I got a mail just that your account is deactivated and as soon as this message came the another mail was also received saying your account has been activated so can you please help me out of this problem.when I go for submit ticket its shows the message 400,000 hits in a single month but I actually didn’t received that much of traffic as per Google Analytics.
So admin please reactivate my account and i also have submitted the ticket.

What did the e-mail you received say? What does the client area say? We never suspend accounts for no reason, so the reason, an explanation and the next step you could take are all listed in the e-mail and in the client area.

If you’ve already submitted a ticket, good! But next time, don’t bother posting here because the reactivation ticket is literally the only place to get your account reactivated.