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Hello, good morning. How are you ?

I’m Diego Lamana, I’m a PHP and Javascript and HTML Programming Student.

I am training the exercise of the lesson on how to learn how to create mysql database and how to make the connection in the database that was created.

I used the following codes:

aula28.php :


include "";



<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title> Aula 28 Como conectar ao banco de dados - Com o  PHP</title>
	<meta charset="utf-8">


I used the following codes: :


$con = mysql_connect("","epiz_27662703","XXX");

echo "Olá";



I am taking the course and following the teaching didactics by the step by step:

As I am new to php, I do not know if I put some type of command or code that is not allowed, I would like to report that the site: I use it only to train studies with Programming in practical classes.

Hi and welcome! Just a few notes for posting here:

  • This is a publicly accessible forum, where every post can be viewed by anyone. So make sure not to post any sensitive information here, most notably any account passwords.
  • This forum supports a variety of methods to format posts, including using direct HTML for formatting. So when sharing code, make sure to wrap it in code blocks or it’s going to appear unreadable.

As for your code itself:

  • The mysql_* functions have been removed from PHP itself 5 years ago, and should not be used anymore. Any guide telling you to use it is severely out of date. You can use the mysqli or PDO methods instead for database connections.
  • The name of your database here is going to be prefixed with the username of your account. So if you create a database with the name aula, the actual database name will be epiz_27662703_aula.

Using our hosting for education is no problem, and none of the codes are any issue.

But please note that we’re here to help identify any issues with the hosting, not to do your school homework for you. If the things I said about your code don’t mean anything to you, maybe some of your fellow students or a teacher can help you.


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