Account Got Suspended

umm what, can’t understand your english?

I think he means that the setting has been found.

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yes, i think so too!

Using the big button that says Edit Email? Or you didn’t actually find it.

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Sir i Changed My Email Succesfully in Client Area in Yahoo hope yahoo not forbidden

No, Yahoo is not forbidden. Only many Russian mail providers are blocked due to excessive spam rates.

The account has been suspended. To find the reason: > Go to your account > Click “Create ticket support” > Type the subject: “Why is my account suspended?” > Then type the message: "Hi. This is my account “Your account name” but it has suspended. Please tell me why. > Click on Submit Request > Wait until a staff reviews your account. If they believe your account is safe then they will reactivate it

Tip: Replace Your account name with your account name that has been suspended
Note: Suspended websites deletes automatically after 1 month. For legal reasons. You cannot ask for your website to be deleted on ticket

@mokkachocolata, the website is not suspended. Also, you can only create a ticket if your site is permanently suspended. The ticket function does not work if it is a temporary suspension.


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