Account Got Suspended

epiz_29224516 (Website for

i will delete some content please reactivate my account

@wogteamxyz, can you tell the reason why your account was suspended? You can find it in the email received containing the reason for suspension. If it was due to hitting resource limits, it should be reactivated after 24 hours.

here’s a reason Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.

To learn why your account was suspended, to get your account reactivated

@wogteamxyz, can you tell what type of content you use on your domain, which might be recognized as spam or abusive?

Of Course One For All Like A Google Has if its forbiden i will create a another thing

@wogteamxyz, umm, I don’t understand, what do you mean by the way? I am not asking the title of the website.

One Services For All this is a content

@wogteamxyz, what type of “one services for all”? Do you provide services?

One Services For All you Can sign in one like a google and stay and you can access services like speed test igo search engine (temporary disabled) calendar and more

Do you think your site or file contents might have lines of code or etc. which is either compromised or against the TOC?
Terms of Service - InfinityFree

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i dont know but i think so if i raise a limit when it will be activated i will delete unwanted content

@wogteamxyz, ok, so you don’t know why, can you name the file’s in the htdocs directory and the coding language you used for developing the website, or, you used a cms like wordpress, joomla etc.? was on cms Wordpress but i disabled copy content and all copy content means when yount copy anything from website

can you give a screenshot of the website if previously stored? Also did you use any vulnerable or abusive (recognized) plugin or themes? Also can you give a list of plugin and themes used? Do have a backup as of now, if previously done on schedule?

sir i can’t because my site reffers to suspended domain i used Hestia theme and its on wordpress theme

Ok, so have made changes to the theme’s code or any of the plugin’s to extend the functionality?

This shouldn’t be an problem, from as far as I know!

Nope Just Remove Footer Hestia Theme And All i didn,t customized css and any plugins For A Removing Footer i say whats my site i dont wanna my guests when its comming Powered By Hestia Was

The first time your account was suspended, you were instructed to use a different email address because the provider you are using is blocked. I see that you were instructed to update it in the hosting account control panel (which you did), but didn’t update it in the client area. That’s because your account was suspended again.

I reactivated your account, but please update the email address in the client area profile to prevent this from happening again.

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i found how change