Account Deactivated - Please Help Recover

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Account Deactivated on July 7th

Hi there my website has been deactivated and I don’t have the option to reactivate it through the Client Area like others have suggested in the community.
I would like to ask if there’s any chance at all to recover my files…

Thank you so much!

Your account will be fully deleted with in 60 days from the day you deactivate the account, so you still have the chance to reactivate your account.

Simply go to; > Find the domain you want to reactivate > Manage > Reactivate Now

But if you mean that your account has been deactivated due to suspension, then you will just need to wait for 24 hours. After that, your account will be reactivated again.


While you’re right to say that you don’t see the option to reactivate your account, it would be more accurate to say the entire account is gone.

If you check the email, it should say that your account would be deleted in 3 days after deactivation. That email was sent 19 days ago. So, of course, your account is deleted now.

And when we say we delete the account, we really mean we delete the account. All your files, databases, settings, emails and everything else related to your account is gone.

So no, you’re too late, and we don’t have a copy of your website anymore for you to recover.


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