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When I try to add my website to infinity free It always say me that Your domain is not yet pointing to and Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.

But on my domain register website it is pointing to these nameservers for about over 3 months I am trying to add my website after 3 months of inactivity but still it is not working as I don’t have enough money for a paid hosting so please kindly help me.
I only love this website because its free and reliable but this error is taking me over this…
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First things first, give your domain name


it won’t connect domain

Please check your nameservers again in your domain registrar and make sure you add your domain to your hosting account as well




it seems that the Nameservers isn’t propagated yet… Where did you buy your domain name?

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ymm I bought It from alibaba cloud

it worked fine for 4 months

This is a domain problem. As stated by @FlutterHoney picture above and the picture I posted above, it shows as there is NO nameservers associated / linked with that domain. Check with Alibabas support team to resolve this issue.


ok I’ ll try

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Ok. Please keep me updated! Thanks and have a great day!

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Checking the WHOIS status of your domain name, I can see the following:

Domain Status: serverHold

To see what this means, quoting from this page from ICANN:

This status code is set by your domain’s Registry Operator. Your domain is not activated in the DNS.

If you provided delegation information (name servers), this status may indicate an issue with your domain that needs resolution. If so, you should contact your registrar to request more information. If your domain does not have any issues, but you need it to resolve in the DNS, you must first contact your registrar in order to provide the necessary delegation information.

So yeah, you’ll definitely need to check this with Alibaba.


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