Account created, getting 404 error after 72 hours

It has been 72 hours since I created my account and my site,

It is still isn’t working. I am getting the 404 page not found error (see screenshot uploaded). I have cleared the DNS cache in WIndows 10. I have cleared the browser caches in Chrome and that still didn’t fix the issue. I have tried accessing the site on Chrome, Edge, Explorer, and Safari and I can’t get the website to display. I need this up and running by Sunday. What else can I do to get this up and running?


correct URL

you have image_gallery folder inside of image_gallery folder

so fix your DIRs

Thank you! That link does work. So, I changed my DIRs as you suggested & it gives me the 404 error. Here is the link:

this link is what I am trying to get to work.

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Congratulations it works for me

but sometimes I see you have this problem - see admin posts
so please have some patience

btw. clean cache in your browser (CTRL + F5)

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