Accessing WP-admin before DNS propagates?

I recently signed up for a free account and transferred changed my name servers. I then installed wordpress. i want to go ahead and begin working on my site, however i can not access wp-admin.

I know DNS has not had time to propagate so is their a way for me to access wp-admin before DNS propagates?
I know usually using the domains / servers IP address followed by /wp-admin/ would work. however when i used dig on my domain name and my “main domain” given to me when i first signed up in order to get my IP. however when i use that IP address I get the 403 forbidden error.and still can not access wp-admin.

for dns propagate is 48 to 72 hours

Right. You are correct in that. but my issue / question…in case I was not clear… Is how do I access wordpress / wp-admin in the meantime. As in I do not want to have to wait the 48-72 hours that it takes for DNS to propagate before I start working on my site… i would like to know how / if its possible to access before DNS propagates.
usually the way to do this is my using the ip of my site in place of my domain name but that is not working for me either.

you can’t i think :confused: just wait :slight_smile:

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Did you learn it from this article?

Because that article also provides suggestions on what you can do to view your website sooner in the " What can I do to see my website faster?" section.


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