Accessing password protected folders with url with credentials

Lets say I have image called image1.png in a password protected folder, and I want to embed it in html for my other website, so that the picture is only viewable on my page.

Is there any way to define credentials in the url itself?

I’d like to achieve something like that“user”;pwd:“user”

so that my html can access that picture, but random user won’t get to see it because of password protection.

Now I know that its not really a safe thing to do, because all it would take is to view page source, and user would have the credentials, although this page will not be publically available, its only for my classmates, so I’m not really that concerned about its security.

The easiest thing to do is use the “Directory Privacy” thing in the control panel to protect an entire folder.

i know how to protect folders and files, i just need to embed those protected files on my other page.

EDIT: I’m asking if it is possible to put login and password in the url so that img tag can read it, because obviously it wont display login prompt.

Well, as you said earlier, that’s not safe. Therefore, I doubt it possible (or really outdated). Just use directory privacy, its simple to set up.


Does this help?


Thanks for replying, i have found another way to achieve what I wanted, just used dedicated photo hosting instead of infinityfree and I no longer need any passwords, because my dedicated photo hosting allows me to set my pictures to unlisted, and it basically achieves the same thing, just simpler.

Thanks for your help anyway and have a nice day!


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