Access wp-admin after a site is copied

I am currently developing a club website on wordpress:
In order to develop a couple of different layouts, I have created a second account on infinityfree, set up a new mysql database (referring to infinityfree instructions).
I have imported the original mysql and uploaded (Filezilla) the origional htdocs folder, after modifying the mysql database / user / password and host information in wp-config.

So far so good, and the homepage opens:

As expected, any of the links take you to the original website, so I need to go in and edit them (I have previously used a WP plugin to do this across a site)
The problem is when I type in it takes me to the login page of the original site! I have tired this in a private page, and it still happens.
I assume I need to edit something else in the wordpress files - can anyone help?

You need to change the website URL in the database for the second site.


Thanks for the assist, that worked a treat. I had an error when first running the script, but noted that the SQL files had different names: UPDATE wpjy_posts instead of UPDATE wp_posts etc. So ran fine the second time

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