Access to vendor folder

when i use a windows of my page doesnt work, because i cant access to vendor folder.

The advice from a post with a similar issue is probably what you’re looking for:

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i dont understood

Right now the vendor folder isn’t accessible because you likely don’t have an index.html/index.php file there, and Directory Listing is disabled by default.

If you want the contents of the folder to display, you’ll need to add the line mentioned in the post above to your .htaccess file.

If that isn’t the issue you’re facing, can you please explain what you’re trying to do and what error you’re facing? Your main page works fine for me:


but i have a index.html

In the vendor folder? Going to redirects me to a 404.

The index.html in your htdocs works fine, as your website displays correctly for me.


vendor folder, is a folder that contains libraries to send email by my web page…
but in the window where proccess that, dont wokrs fine because dont accees to the folder, but i checked everything and everyting looks good as we have in my pc like local page (there works fine)

require ‘vendor/autoload.php’; this the part of the code where no access

Did you also upload the vendor folder? You can’t run Composer on our servers to install the dependencies here, so you will need to install them on your own computer and upload the generated vendor folder here.


yes, i already upload the vendor folder

Could you please share the full PHP error message you get? Not just the contents of the line where you get it?

Either the vendor/autoload.php file exists or it doesn’t. If you uploaded the vendor folder correctly, the file is there. If you cannot require the file, it either means the file was not uploaded, or you’re referencing the wrong location.

Or the issue is something else entirely. But you haven’t provided sufficient information to know for certain.

Please make sure to always specify the error you get, not (just) what you think it means.


Doesn´t exist a error, when i compiled my code just works the first part but when arrive to the part ‘require vendor’ dont do anything, not appear a error or something like that.
its like the server dont permit the access to the folder because when i compiled in my PC as a local with xampp works everything

here u can se that i have upload the vendor foiler

inside of vendor i have the autoload.php

So what do you see? You see you don’t see an error, so what do you see instead?

Do you see a blank page? If so, you may need to enable display_errors first: Http error 500

If you see something else, what do you see?

And again:

If you want to speculate about permissions or whatnot, go right ahead. But please give us the information you’re basing that on too, or we have no idea whether that speculation is accurate at all.


YES I SEE just blank page…
but the first part works well because before to accees to the folder i made a register in my BD and that do without problem.
but when pass to the part to access that folder appear a blank page

Did you do this?


now appear this errro
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘ComposerAutoloaderInit5a360facea79a6ba3440ba7eaed9051a’ not found in /home/vol6_3/ Stack trace: #0 /home/vol6_3/ require() #1 {main} thrown in /home/vol6_3/ on line 6

Thank you, that helps to provide more information.

Looking at the autoload.php file, it tries to load the file autoload_real.php, but that file does not exist. Could you please try uploading it?

If you try it, you may see the file is deleted automatically. That’s because the file may be larger than 1 MB. If so, you may want to see this post for more information:


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