Access php files from android and pc

Hello everyone , this is my first post.
I allready have an app for android devices with 900 users.
What actualy this app doing is to give some questions to users and users can vote with yes or no.
To save the votes i need php files so users can Post and Read to a txt file through this php files.
I use to have an account at 000Webhosting bust the most af the days the servers is down and im looking for a new hosting.
I create an account here and i upload some php files but it seems they dont work and maybe the reason is because when i try to read a file on my pc it seems that is unsecure.
How to solved this?
Its reachable this i want to do?

I’m not sure what “they dont work” actually means for your website, but I suspect you’re running into this security system:

In short, we have a system which protects your website against harmful bots and attacks by checking whether the visitor is using an actual web browser, rather than an automated script. After all, we provide a website hosting service, not a data storage platform.